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QuickBooks accounting software is a great software for modern-day businesses as it assists the businesses in streamlining the accounting operations. However, there is a list of errors that QuickBooks might encounter at times. These technical issues and errors need to be resolved as soon as possible for seamless functioning of QuickBooks. QuickBooks error 15225 is one such error that hampers working in the QuickBooks. If we see, QuickBooks error 15225 is usually seen while installing QuickBooks updates. 

What is QuickBooks error 15225?

QuickBooks error 15225 is an installation error in QuickBooks which is most likely to occur when you try to update the QuickBooks or at the time of updating QuickBooks payroll. If you are stuck on QuickBooks error 15225,this blog will help you to find the ways to get QuickBooks error 15225 resolved. 

Reasons that contribute to the occurrence of the QuickBooks error 15225?

  • QuickBooks digital signature might be outdated. 
  • There may be some sort of disruption due to firewalls or third-party security software. 
  • QuickBooks installation might not be complete  or improper QuickBooks installation can only be the cause for the occurrence of the QuickBooks error 15225. 
  • Corruption in the windows registry can also be the cause. 
  • Damaged QuickBooks files might cause error 15225 in QuickBooks. 

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Things to remember before resolving QuickBooks error 15225: 

Before moving ahead to resolve QuickBooks error, it is important that you make a backup. Creating the backup file will preserve your file from any damage further. The process of creating a backup is quite simple: 

  • To begin, run QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Once the QuickBooks is launched, move to the file option and then reach the backup company option. 
reach the backup company option
  • Now, click on the option of Create local backup. 

What are the ways to get QuickBooks error 15225 resolved?

Here are some of the ways by which you can quickly resolve QuickBooks error 15225: 

Method 1: Update QuickBooks desktop in safe mode. 

The most effective way to resolve most of the QuickBooks errors is updating the quickbooks. Here are the steps of updating QuickBooks: 

  • Initially, you should restart the computer. 
  • Keep pressing the F2 key and Advanced boot option window will appear. 
  • Now you can use the down arrow key and reach the safe mode with networking. 
 reach the safe mode with networking
  • You should select the help key in the QuickBooks and select the option to update QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Finally, hit on the update now option. 
hit on the update now option
  • Click on get updates and restart the system once the updates are installed. 

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Method 2: Adding Intuit as trusted website

  •  Once the step above is performed, you need to add Intuit to the trusted websites.
  • Launch the Internet Explorer and press Windows+R, it will launch the run window for you. 
  • You need to access the internet options. 
  • Move to the security tab followed by selecting the sites option. 
  • From here reach the option- trusted website. 
reach the option- trusted website
  • Type and  and click on add option. 
  • In this zone, you have to tick mark the box next to all sites options. 
  • Hit Ok and Close. 

Method 3: Installing Digital Signature 

  • An outdated digital signature certificate can be the reason for the occurrence of the QuickBooks error 15225, so it is recommended to install digital signature certificate with the help of steps mentioned below: 
  • You should visit the directory containing the QuickBooks files. 
  • Right-click the QuickBooks desktop icon and head towards the properties option. 
  • Next, you need to tap on the open file location option. 
  • In this folder, you should search for QBW32.exe and select the properties option. 
  • From the digital signature option, you need to opt for Intuit Inc. 
opt for Intuit Inc
  • After clicking on the option of details, you should select the view certificate option. 
  • In the certificate option, select the option of install certificate option. 
select the option of install certificate option
  • Click Next followed by hitting finish. 
  • After restarting the system, launch QuickBooks. 
  • Try updating the QuickBooks. 

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Method 4: Temporary disabling the Firewall. 

To fix QuickBooks error 15225, it is recommended to disable the firewall unless the update process completes. Following are the steps: 

  • Go to the start button and then to the settings option. 
  • Select the Update and security option and then move to the windows security option. 
  • Open the windows security tab and then opt for Network Protection and Firewall. 
opt for Network Protection and Firewall
  • For deactivation of Microsoft Defender Firewall for all network types, you need to individually tap on each domain, private network and public network/ 
  • Revisit the QuickBooks software and try to update the QuickBooks. 

Method 5: Clean installation of the QuickBooks. 

Clean installation of QuickBooks can prove helpful in resolving QuickBooks error 15225. The steps for QuickBooks clean installation are: 

  • Hit the windows start menu and make a double click on the control panel. 
  • Now, from the programs and features option, you should opt QuickBooks. 
  • Once the QuickBooks is opted, you will see the uninstall/change option. 
  • Herein, select the uninstall or remove option. 
select the uninstall or remove option
  • Follow the steps to uninstall the QuickBooks and restart the system. 
  • Now, you should begin with the process of QuickBooks installation. 
  • QuickBooks installation should be completed by entering the license and product keys. 

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Method 6: Repairing QuickBooks Desktop 

If none of the above mentioned methods work in fixing QuickBooks error 15225, then you can try to repair QuickBooks with the help of the steps mentioned below: 

  • Reach the control panel from the start menu. 
  • Head to the programs and features option and select the QuickBooks option. 
  • Now, tap on the uninstall/change option. 
uninstall/change option
  • On the QuickBooks installation wizard window, click on the repair option. 
  • Follow the onscreen steps and QuickBooks will be repaired. 

Summing up!!!

I am sure the QuickBooks error 15225 is resolved by the methods discussed above. If the QuickBooks error 15225 is still bothering you, feel free to reach out to QuickBooks Support QBS Solved at +1(888) 910 1619.

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