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Terms and condition

QBSsolved is your technology partner and is there to assist you in all fields of book keeping and accounting activities. Our services are worth your money and are affordable. We understand your needs, and we know that one solution does not fit every problem. We are omnipresent to work with you at your workplace or online- whichever is compatible to you. Our sole purpose is to help you, we are there to focus on your issues and resolve them.
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QBSsolved thanks you for trusting us and choosing us to serve you with QuickBooks services. It is our request to please go through the terms and conditions carefully and thoroughly since it will be a legal agreement between you and QBSsolved. By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to the services, installations and access/use of services. In case you do not accept our terms and conditions, you may not use our services.

General Terms

  • The Agreement describes our term regarding the use of QBSsolved support services that are mentioned on the website including updates, references, new releases, content and all other. It includes:
  • Payment for all services will be charged in US dollars and the amount shall be debited once you subscribe and provide the payment details as mentioned in payment terms or service agreements in the website.

Payment can be done through using any of the following payment methods:

  • Any valid Credit/Debit card will be accepted at QBSsolved.
  • Any valid payPal account.
  • There should be sufficient fund in the account to allow debit of account.
  • In case of incorrect or incomplete details of payment information, you are requested to kindly notify us, failure to do so may render your account being suspended or terminated without any notice.
  • In case you do not update us about your payment information, we may contact your card provider for uninterrupted payment of services, and with your authorization we continue billing you with same updated details.
  • In case of any additional comments or renewal terms, one can look for the same on the website for services.

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