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QuickBooks desktop is a software which has made accounting easy for small and medium sized businesses. It is an accounting software which uses lots of algorithms and codes which makes it very complicated and prone to errors. One error which it witnesses is QuickBooks Error 15276. This error occurs when you try to download payroll or desktop updates. It generally happens when the user uses the file which needs to be updated.

What is QuickBooks Error 15276?

QuickBooks Error 15276 is an update error in quickbooks and the update does not get successful. The update fails because of the issues in one of the files. When QuickBooks error 15276 occurs, one of the following messages pops up on the screen:

Error 15276: The payroll update was not complete successfully. One of the files which was to be updated was in use and it could not be replaced.

Error 15276: The update was not successful as one of the files which was to be updated was in use and could not be replaced.

Causes for the occurrence of QuickBooks error 15276

  • QuickBooks registry entry. 
  • Damaged or corrupted registry entry. 
  • Hard drive contained the bad sector. 
  • There might be viruses or malware attack. 
  • The file that was to be updated has been replaced.
  • Quickboks subscription is not active.

What are the symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15276?

  • It arises when you try to download the payroll or desktop updates.
  • It happens when the required file has been replaced.

1) You make a backup of your company files, for this:

  • Open your QuickBooks.
  • Go to files and then go to back-up company files.
  • Create Local back-up.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to have a back-up.

2) Updating QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Open the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Then go to Help and update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Choose Update now tab from Top and then click on the ‘Get Updates’.
Updating QuickBooks Desktop.

How to resolve QuickBooks error 15276?

Method 1: Downloading and installing QuickBooks tool hub:

  • First, download the QuickBooks tool hub and then press Ctrl+J and go to your downloads.
  • Under the lists of downloads, click on QuickBookstoolsHub.exe
  • Click on yes to allow the app to make the changes.
  • Next, step is to click on the Next to install and then make a click on yes to accept the license agreement.
  • Click on Finish, once the installation is complete.
  • From the icon available on the Icon, open QuickBooks tool hub.

Method 2: Downloading and running QuickBooks Fix my program.

  • First, you have to open QuickBooks tool hub form the icon which is available on the desktop.
  • Then, click on Program problems tab and then click on Quick Fix my program.
  • It may also take a bit of time to run.
  • Re-open the QuickBooks, after it is completed.
Downloading and running QuickBooks Fix my program

Method 3: Downloading the Latest tax table.

  • First, go to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then go to Employees and click on payroll updates.
  • Click on checkmark at download entire update.
  • Then choose ‘Download latest update’.
  • Window will notify you once the update is complete.

Method 4: Un-installing and re-installing QuickBooks in selective start-up.

  • Click Windows+R together and it will open a Run box.
  • In run box, type ‘MISCONFIG’ and then click OK.
  • Choose selective start-up, under the general tab.
  • Make sure that load start-up item option is unchecked.
  • Click on OK.
  • Click on restart if prompted.
  • Now, just uninstall the QuickBooks and then reinstall it.

Method 5: Switching back-up to normal start-up mode.

  • Click on Windows+R together so as to open the run window.
  • Next, you have to type ‘MISCONFIG’ in the run box.
  • Then, choose Normal startup.
  • Click on apply and then click on OK.
  • Finally, restart your computer.

After following all these methods you can fix Error 15276. But in case it still exists and you are not able to resolve it. Don’t worry! QBS Solved will help you in resolving this error. You can reach out to us at + 1(888) 910 1619. Our tech team will help you to resolve and fix this error.

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