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QuickBooks Desktop 2022 includes features that benefit business.

  • Create and send GSt invoice
  • Ready to use GST reports
  • Create professional quotations
  • Track sales, supplier bills and payments
  • Use bank connect to import transactions
  • Create budgets and purchase orders.
  • Access to open APIs as per business needs.

What is new in QuickBooks 2022

Let us see what’s new QuickBooks Desktop 2022

QuickBooks desktop 2022 has introduced unique features to help streamline and catalyse your daily accounting tasks.

Here are the new dynamic features included in the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 release and how you can use these features to gain benefits in your Business.

64-Bit advanced processing power 

QuickBooks 2022 now utilizes the full capacity for a 64-bit processor. Now you can complete your accounting tasks in a quicker and smoother manner. QuickBooks become more reliable.

E-commerce for Quickbooks with webgility

Easy to track the revenues from selling partners like Amazon, ebay, shopify and now it can be synced directly in Quickbooks. Quickbooks 2022 simplifies E-commerce management and helps to get you a clear picture of your profitability and gains.

Schedule bills faster

QuickBooks 2022 helps you schedule your bills and allows you to pay bills within QuickBooks using bank transfer, credit card or debit card. Suppliers get money through bank transfer or through physical checks.

Bill approval process

QuickBooks 2022 allows  handling accounts payable with confidence. Manage the cash flow and enhance transparency as it allows to customize approvals workflow for bills.

Bill Entry automation and bill payment stubs customized

Save your time as QuickBooks 2022 automates entries from QuickBooks desktop mobile app. Automate bill entries sent via email address. Only Import and review

Customizable QuickBooks forms have added the feature of bill payment stubs. Keep your communication consistent and maintain professionalism by emailing confirmation to the suppliers.

Upload Documents

Quickbooks mobile app allows to directly  attach documents to the transaction .Malking it convenient and smooth.

Select from multiple customer contacts

Now update batch emails by adding multiple customer contacts. Send emails to the right recipient quickly from your list of customers or suppliers contacts. Manual entry miscommunication reduced.

Instant Deposit

Instant payment deposit as soon as the customer pays. Be it late nights, weekends or holiday.

Payment Links

Collect payments instantly and smoothly for the items that don’t need an invoice by simply sending a payment link. 

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