How to Resolve QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File Error

QuickBooks software helps in managing the finance and accounts related tasks through its unique features that have been designed by Intuit. For any organization data is the most sensitive aspect and without proper management of data  or your work may be hampered if there is some data loss. Be it any work related to accounting, QuickBooks have all the features and provisions for your business.

QuickBooks also helps you to create company files, it also helps in generation of invoices, creation of reports. It also allows you to create backups of your data. Since, data is considered to be the most crucial thing for any business. QuickBooks stores all your data in local storage of your computer.

But in certain scenarios there may be hardware failure or some virus may have attacked that can cause loss of data. This is why it became very important to backup the data. QuickBooks allows you to create  a backup of your  data.

What is QuickBooks unable to backup the company file error?

QuickBooks unable to backup the company file error comes up when  QuickBooks is unable to update the data and create a backup for it. With this error you might not be able to create the backup of the crucial data. But, there may be situations when QuickBooks might not be able to create the backup. The major cause for occurrence of this error is unavailability of the storage device which stores the backup file. External Storage that creates backup for QuickBooks is no more connected to the computer.

  • The company file for which backup needs to be created is damaged. 
  • The backup path which is set to create backup is wrong.
Error: QuickBooks Unable to Backup Company File or Backup failed
QuickBooks unable to backup the company file error

 If you are unable to fix this error just have to make a call to at +1 (888) 910 1619 and our tech team will assist you in fixing this error. 

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Causes of  QuickBooks unable to backup the company file error

  • QuickBooks is unable to backup the company file 
  • Setting up the wrong backup path. 
  • Company file name may have more than 65 characters.
  • Company file is damaged. 
  • Unattainability of storage device.
  • Creating backup on external hard drive. 
  • Company file may be more than 3GB. 
  • Occurrence of this error can cause loss of data, which may cause serious harm to your business. So, it becomes quite necessary to create a backup of your company files.

Fix QuickBooks unable to backup the company file error

Method 1: By verifying and rebuilding QuickBooks company file:

  • For this, make sure your QuickBooks is updated to the latest version. 
  • Then, you need to close any running application on windows. 
  • Next, you have to click on the menu and then select utilities from it.
  • Then click on Verify Data.
  • Next you have to  click on the rebuild data option. 
  • Finally, click on OK on the backup company file popup that arises. 

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Method 2: Verifying the Backup directory in QuickBooks

  • First, open QuickBooks and finally go to the preferences section in the QuickBooks.
  • Now, look for the backup directory that you have selected in QuickBooks. 
  • You have to ensure that QuickBooks have a valid path to create the backup file.

Method 3: By renaming the QuickBooks network data(.nd) file:

  • QuickBooks is unable to backup the company file
  • First you need to exit QuickBooks desktop and then open windows file manager. 
  •  Then locate the network data file in your c:\ drive.
  • Here, the file will have the same name as your company file, but it will have .ND extension. 
  •  Make a right click on the file and select the option of rename from the drop down.
  • At the end of the file name add .OLD and then save it.
  • Now, try creating a backup of your company file.
QuickBooks is unable to backup the company file

Method 4: Verifying the available storage on the backup device.

  • Low storage on the backup storage can result in this error. 
  • Therefore it is required that you delete the unnecessary files from the device. 
  • For this:
  • Type Disk cleanup in the search bar. 
  • Select the files that are to be deleted.
Verifying the available storage on the backup device

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Method 5: Resetting QuickBooks update. 

  • Open QuickBooks. 
  • Hover to the file menu.
  • Click on Update QuickBooks desktop.
  • Go to update now.
  • Click on reset update and then on Get updates.
 Resetting QuickBooks update

Creating backup of your company files can be very beneficial. We have also provided you with the basic troubleshooting, in case you encounter an  error in creating a backup. But, if you are not able to resolve this error. QBS solved can help you to fix all your queries. All you have to do is to call us at +1 (888) 910 1619 and our team of experts will help you to resolve all your issues.

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