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QuickBooks is one of the most premium software for account management  used by businesses, accountants or individuals. QuickBooks is the best  software for payroll management, creating invoices, scheduling payments. Intuit keeps on bringing regular updates for smooth functioning and improvements of QuickBooks But there are times when QuickBooks users might face certain errors related to installations, updates, data, banking or other issues. QuickBooks error 12031 is one such error which often troubles QuickBooks users. 

What is QuickBooks error 12031

QuickBooks error code 12031 is an update error in QuickBooks which is usually encountered when you attempt to refresh the QuickBooks software or you might also see QuickBooks error 12031 while refreshing QuickBooks payroll services. QuickBooks error code 10231 is mostly seen while refreshing the payroll services, therefore it is also called a payroll update error in QuickBooks. Error 12031 in QuickBooks can be very annoying and needs to be resolved as soon as the error is seen. QuickBooks error 12301 comes up due to network time issues and puts the QuickBooks user in trouble to operate QuickBooks smoothly and efficiently. 

QuickBooks error 12031 might usually be encountered when firewalls or other security software are in trouble due to configuration issues. For instance security software is not correctly configured. 

Note:  It is advised that if you are a QuickBooks user, you must check for the configuration of your system as well as the configuration of firewalls and other security software. These configurations might block the access of QuickBooks or might identify the QuickBooks as a threat to the computer. 

Also, make sure that you have created a backup of the company file to avoid data loss. 

What are the causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error 12031

Here is the list of reasons which can cause Error 12301, you can check them to avoid Error 12031 in Quickbooks:

  • There might be issues with the internet connectivity. 
  • Internet explorer might not be the default browser. 
  • Antivirus might block the path of connection.
  • Firewall settings might affect Quickbooks communication.
  • SSL settings might not be correct

How can QuickBooks error 12031 be resolved

You need to fix QuickBooks error 12031 as soon as it is encountered or else it will hamper your working with the QuickBooks. These are some of the ways by which you can  resolve QuickBooks error 12031:

Solution 1: By using QuickBooks diagnostic tool.

Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool is a dynamic tool to fix connection issues in Quickbooks.To use this tool:

  • First, You must download the QuickBooks connection diagnostic tool.
  • Reach downloads in the system.
  • Click the file which is downloaded.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to install the tool.
  • Reach the desktop and click on the Quickbooks connection diagnostic tool.
Diagnose Connection Tab
  • Reach the Test connectivity section.
  • Click on the option to browse beside company files.
  • Choose the file with which you are having issues.
  • Click on the test connectivity option.
  • It will begin the repair instantly. 
  • Wait till the repair is finished. 

Solution 2: Setup internet connection to fix error 12031.

  • First, you have to open QuickBooks desktop.
  • From the upper pane, click on the Help menu.
QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Help
  • Choose the option of Internet connection setup.
  • Select the option- Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application is accessing the internet.
  • Make a click on the Next button.
  • Click on Done.
  • You need to update the QuickBooks.

Solution 3: Renaming the Network data file.

  • First, reach the folder where the QuickBooks company file is located.
  • You need to spot the .ND file. 
  • You need to right click the network data file.
QuickBooks Error 6000-77
  • Herein, you must go to the rename option.
  • Rename the file with the .nd extension.

Solution 4: Updating QuickBooks.

  • It is important to update QuickBooks to resolve Error 12031 in QuickBooks.
  • For this:
  • Open QuickBooks desktop.
  • Now click on the Help menu.
  • Herein, reach the update QuickBooks.
Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • You will see a list. 
  • From the list, you need to choose the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Move ahead to update the QuickBooks.
  • Once the updates are installed, proceed to restart the Computer.

Solution 6: Checking the third party applications to fix Error 12031.

Sometimes third party applications might also block the Quickbooks communication which results in Quickbooks error 12031. Thus, it becomes necessary to cease third party applications as these softwares consider the Quickbooks as malicious. 

Hence move ahead to disable the third-party applications  or you can also uninstall third party applications.

Solution 6: Updating the windows.

  • For updating windows:
  • Go to the start menu. 
  • Reach the settings. 
  • Go to change PC settings option.
  • Select the update and recovery option.
  • Click on windows update. 
Windows update
  • Look for the updates which are available. 
  • Download and install these updates. 

Solution 7: Configuring SSL and TLS settings. 

SSL and TLS settings are very crucial for Quickbooks connection. Improper configuration of Internet Explorer might cause Quickbooks error 12031.To configure SSL and TLS settings:

  • Open the Internet Explorer.
  • Now, you must open Internet Options. 
  • Next, you need to navigate to the Advanced tab.
  • Herein modify the TLS and SSL settings.
Internet Properties
  • You must check that theUse TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1 are unchecked  and Use  TLS 1.2 and SSL 2.0 boxes are selected.
  • Click OK.

Solution 8: Enabling Content advisor.

  • Open Internet Explorer.
  • Go to the tools option.
  • Here you must go to the security tab.
  • Reach the Content icon after clicking on the globe icon.
  • Move ahead to enable the Content advisor. 

Solution 9: Checking LAN settings.

  • Incorrect LAN settings can also result in the occurrence of QuickBooks error 12031. So, reach the Internet Explorer. 
  • Reach the LAN Settings.
Local Area Network (LAN) Settings
  • Make sure that the box – ‘Automatically detect settings’ is checked. 
  • Also, ensure that  Use a proxy server box is selected.

Hopefully, you were able to fix QuickBooks error code 12031 using the above-mentioned methods. But if you are still unable to fix QuickBooks error 12031, you can reach out to QBS Solved at 1-888-910-1619. QBS Solved is aimed to deliver the best solution to fix QuickBooks error 12031 and other installation, update or data recovery related errors. Get in touch with QBS Solved to fix QuickBooks error 1203

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