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While using QuickBooks, there can be certain issues that you can encounter while using banking service in QuickBooks. You can encounter such issues while working on bank transactions or while downloading the transactions. 

What is QuickBooks error 1016?

QuickBooks error 1016 is considered to be an online banking error in QuickBooks. It is also referred to as a common QuickBooks desktop banking error.  Inactive bank accounts are the main reason for the occurrence of this bank feed error. 

Causes of occurrence of the QuickBooks error 1016

Let us discuss some of the reasons for the occurrence of the error 1016 in the QuickBooks: 

  • There are problems like change in the service offering, web connect etc at the end of the user’s bank. 
  • Changes in the name of the bank might have not been rectified. 
  • For QuickBooks banking transactions, an inactive bank account may have been enabled. 
  • There can be issues with the internet connection. 
  • Some issues while downloading or importing the file. 
  • Several issues in the QuickBooks account in the company file. 
  • Older version of QuickBooks is being used. 

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How to resolve QuickBooks error 1016?

Here are some of the quick methods to get rid of QuickBooks error 1016: 

Solution 1: EnableTLS 1.2 Protocol

  • TLS 1.2 is a security protocol in Internet Explorer. For enabling TLS 1.2: 
  • Open Internet Explorer. 
  • Go to the Gear icon. 
  • Select the Advanced tab from the internet options. 
  • Move to the security option. 
  • Select TLS 1.2
  • Click Apply. 
Click Apply

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Solution 2: Create a Test company file. 

  • Open QuickBooks. 
  • Move to the file menu. 
  • Select Express start. 
Click Apply

Solution 3: Run account setup using ctrl Key 

For recovering the incomplete connection with the bank, running account setup with ctrl key can be helpful. It is recommended to backup the data before performing this step: 

  • Open QuickBooks and check for inactive accounts having lightning. 
  • You need to deactivate the account for online services. 
  • Next, you need to run the bank feed setup and then hold Ctrl each time a command is given. 
  • Keep holding the ctrl til the process: 
  • Reach the banking option. Select bank feed. 
  • Move to the bank feed center.
  • Hold the Ctrl key while you click send/receive until the PIN screen pops up . 
  • Enter the PIN. 
  • Keep holding the Ctrl key till you see that the transaction is downloaded. 

These were some of the ways to get QuickBooks error 1006 resolved. If the QuickBooks error 1006 is still bothering you, feel free to connect with QBS Solved at +1(888) 910 1619.

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