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QuickBooks is the most dynamic and efficient software that is designed for accounting tasks associated with small and medium sized businesses. QuickBooks is helpful in creating invoices and generation of payroll etc. But QuickBooks is sometimes hampered by certain errors like ‘QuickBooks not connecting to bank error’ that does not allow you to download the transaction.

What is QuickBooks not connecting to bank error?

In certain circumstances, QuickBooks might not be able to connect to the bank and also won’t be able to download the bank’s transactions and this is known as QuickBooks not connecting to bank error. QuickBooks is an amazing software which helps you in tracking the sales. Generating invoices etc. QuickBooks also allows you to import the transactions automatically by using bank connect. But, sometimes QuickBooks won’t get connected to the bank. Whenever this issue is encountered it won’t let you monitor your transactions and your account will lag updates.

What are the causes of QuickBooks not connecting to bank error?

  • The bank might be performing system maintenance. 
  • There may be certain notifications from their website which may require your attention.
  • Bank server might be unresponsive.

How to fix QuickBooks not connecting to bank error?

Solution 1 :  By manually updating the account 

  • You need to first go to the banking menu
  • Now, you have to choose the option of Update from here. 
  • Next step is to enter your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) credentials. 
  • And finally, you have to click on Update.
By manually updating the account

Solution 2 : By updating the Bank info in QuickBooks online

  • If you have made any kind of changes to your Bank’ website then you have to update these changes to the QuickBooks online too. For this:
  •  You will have to reach the Banking menu
  • You have to then select the blue tile for your bank
  • Next step is to click on the Edit(Pencil) icon which is present there. 
  • Finally you have to choose the Edit-sign-in info. 
  • Update the required changes and then save them. 
  • Your transactions will be successfully downloaded. 
Solution 2 : By updating the Bank info in QuickBooks online

Solution 3 : Waiting for sometime and then retrying

If all the steps discussed above have already been implemented, then it is highly recommended that you wait for sometime,at least for a day to allow the bank to fix any possible issues.

QuickBooks not connecting error which may happen due to system maintenance at bank’s end or certain notifications which may require your attention can be curbed by updating the bank information in QuickBooks by using pencil icon in QuickBooks online. It can also be resolved by manually updating the account in QuickBooks.

If you are still not able to fix this issue, you can reach out to QBSsolved at +1(888) 910 1619 and our team of technical support will be helping you to fix all your issues. 

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