Fix QuickBooks Online Banking Error 103 or 310 in Easy Steps

QuickBooks not only helps you in your basic accounting work, but it also helps you in managing sales, inventories. It allows you customer tracking, credit card processing and much more. In short, QuickBooks helps in effective business growth. Although, working on QuickBooks can sometimes be affected by certain errors.QuickBooks Error 103 & 310 tends to happen when the login details that have been entered on the financial institution site are not correct or if the user does not update the sign in info and the bank stops the login request.

These errors hamper the usage of banking features of QuickBooks online. In this article, I will discuss error 103 & 310 and will also provide you with basic troubleshooting to fix this error.

What are QuickBooks errors 103 & 310?

Error code-103&310 appears when you try to sign in to your financial institute’s website using your QuickBooks online  credentials, but your institution does not acknowledge it. Occurrence of this error means that QuickBooks has stopped accepting your login requests and you have to update your login credentials of QuickBooks online now

QuickBooks provides an interface with your financial institution. This feature is sometimes hampered by banking errors like QuickBooks errors 103 & 310. Entering wrong login credentials that are not acknowledged by the bank causes QuickBooks error 103 and when a financial institution stops the login request it might result in QuickBooks error 103 & 310.

This error comes up with the message “ Error 103: The sign-in credentials you have entered are not being accepted by your financial institution”. If unable to fix this error by solution then for QuickBooks support contact at +1(888) 910 1619.

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Possible causes of QuickBooks Error 103 & 310?

  • Some cookies may be missing: Sometimes the missing cookies can be the cause of certain issues in QuickBooks including the occurrence of QuickBooks error 103 & 310.
  • .msi files bugs are present : Msi files are installer package files that are used by windows. Bugs in the msi files affect QuickBooks and cause QuickBooks error 103 & 310.
  • Internet not configured: QuickBooks is efficiently designed to work on internet explorer browsers. This internet requires specific configuration.  Wrong or incorrect configuration of the internet might cause this error. 
  • Configuration issues for QuickBooks error 103. 

How can Error 103 & 310 be fixed?

Solution 1: Verifying your credentials 

  • First and foremost step is to verify your login credentials, for this click on the verify your credentials link which is displayed in the error message
  • This  will open a separate window of your bank’s website, you have to enter your login details here. 
  • Make sure to enter the username and password manually, do not select the option of auto-fill.
  • You have to logout of the bank’s website. 
  • Now return to the QuickBooks online window
  • Now it will ask for the username and password in the exact format, please re-enter the details 
  • Finally, you have to update the sign in info.

And, your error is sorted!!

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Solution 2: Editing Bank Info

  • From the left side of the menu.
  • On the account action, click the pencil icon. 
  • Next, you have to click on Edit login info. 
  • Next task is to click on the hyperlink for the bank’s website from the top of the window. 
  • It will open a new window on the bank’s website. 
  • By clicking on Confirming, you can check Account summary, account history and account details without any errors etc. 
  • Please make sure that you are able to access your account through the website. 

Solution 3: Add account

  • First you need to select the Transaction and then click on Banking option. 
  • Next make a click on Add Account
  • In the box that appears, type your Bank’s name and then click on search. 
  • Then under all matching results under the option of your bank’s name, click on “new connection with a different login. 
  • Sign in the bank’s website with all the details you want to add. 
  • Next, you have to relate all your bank’s accounts with the QuickBooks account and then click on Connect. 
  • Then you have to click on OK, I am finished, after completing the last step. 

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Solution 4: Disconnect the Saved account

  • First you have to click on Transaction in the QuickBooks and then click on Banking. 
  • Next task is to select the account which you want to disconnect.
  • Then you have to click on the pencil icon
  • Next, make a click on Edit account info
  • Click on the box to verify disconnecting the account on service. 

We hope every step to fix QuickBooks error 103 & 310 was clear in this article. These steps will definitely help you to get rid of this error by connecting and disconnecting the number of bank accounts with the QuickBooks. 

These solutions will surely help you in fixing error 103 & 310. If this is not getting fixed by the above-discussed solutions. Don’t worry, QBSsolved can help you fix all the issues. All you have to do is to call us QuickBooks Support at +1(888) 910 1619 and our technical support team will help you fix it. 

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