QuickBooks is an accounting software which is widely used by the firms for their financial and accounting tasks. But, sometimes QuickBooks can encounter some unexpected errors. For instance, error 101. This error falls under the classifications of the scripting error which arrives when the window fails to execute the command which is needed to run web based applications. In order to run QuickBooks, it requires proper functioning of windows applications like ActiveX, Java, .NET framework and flash player. If there is fault in such windows components, it won’t not only affect QuickBooks Online but it would also have a negative impact on QuickBooks desktop and online service center. When you encounter QuickBooks Error 101 you might experience problems like connecting your bank account with the QuickBooks online. 

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What causes Error 101?

  • There might be faults in windows configuration. 
  • Malfunctions in the banking server. 
  • There might be failure in running Flash, Java, .NET framework and ActiveX.
  • Internet explorer settings might be poorly configured, hence generating obstacles for QuickBooks to connect with the internet.
  • Windows components like Microsoft .NET framework may be outdated.
  • ActiveX controls may be hindering QuickBooks online display function.
  • The user screen Maye see disabled script debugging.

What can be done to fix QuickBooks Error 101

Method 1: Reconfiguring Internet Explorer for proper functioning with the QB online. 

  • You need to open Internet explorer first, and then make a click on Gear Icone from the top right corner. 
  • Now, you have to select the Internet option and then reach the Security tab, finally you have to click on Trusted sites. 
  • Now you need to make a click on Sites option and then it needed to add website field type https://*.intuit.com.
  • Now you have to make a click on Add and then similarly add https://*.QuikBooks.com.
  • Now after clicking on Close, scroll down to Miscellaneous under the customer level. 
  • Now you have to enable the Allow Cross-domain requests option and click OK. 

Resetting the Internet Explorer’s pop up settings. 

Under ‘Privacy’ tabs, you need to select the ‘Advanced’ tab and from here you need to check -mark the ‘Override the automatic Cookie Handling’ option. 

In the browser’s settings you have to make sure that first and third party cookies are accepted. 

Now you have to check mark the ‘Always allow session Cookies’ option. 

Save the changes by clicking OK. 

Enabling ActiveX controls.

You need to Hit the Custom level under the ‘Internet options’ under the tab of Security. 

You have to scroll down to ActiveX controls and plugins under the head of the Internet zone.

Now, you will have to enable various controls like ‘Download signed ActiveX controls, Binary and script Behaviours, script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting and then you have to run the ActiveX controls and plugins options.

You need to exit the Internet explorer. 

Enabling TLS 1.2 and changing the encrypted page settings.

Under the settings of Advanced tab you need to make sure that ‘Use TLS 1.2’ is checked. 

You have to find ‘Do not save Encrypted pages to disk’ and you need to uncheck this and then click on OK. 

2) Updating the .NET framework, JAVA and adobe flash player on windows.

You need to download and install the latest release of JAVA, Flash player. 

You also have to download the most recent updates of .NET from the manufacturer’s website.  

3)Manually updating the Banking in QuickBooks online. 

First of all you will have to open the QuickBooks online and then you have to reach the ‘Dashboard’.

From the dashboard, go to the Banking section and then select the option of Banking. 

Now, reach the tab of Update and then try to update online banking in the QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks Error 101 is now fixed. If you are still facing any issue, you can reach out to QBSsolved at +1(888) 910 1619 and our team of technical support will be happy to help you!!