Creating a backup of sensitive data can save you from a lot of trouble. Keeping a copy of the important accounting details and financial statements can help you in a lot of ways. While using QuickBooks, an accounting software, you can keep your data intact and maintain all your current, error-free, and usable financial files easily. In this software, all the account information and company file are held in Company File. All the information such as customers, items, and vendors is stored in Company File. It is needed to keep the data of the file updated and create a backup to avoid any problems if any technical glitches happen.

So, you back up your file regularly. But you couldn’t reach the last step successfully.

Seen Error Code 80070057 on your screen?

You are not alone. A mass of QuickBooks desktop users faces the same error after creating the Company File in QuickBooks. The error deprives you of opening the file and leaving you amid certain issues and wastage of time. You come across the same error every time you try to access the file. It means that QuickBooks wants to say that the Accounts Manager doesn’t have the right to access it properly, which means you can’t see the fil and can’t make any changes to it. But nothing to worry about. Every problem has a solution.

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Do you want to try resolving Error Code 80070057?

We will help you with that too. Along with the creation of the new QuickBooks Company File, many other factors can be termed as the cause of Error Code 80070057. Most of them can be categorized as communication issues that arise while accessing the company files that are on a different computer or network. Hence, any problem in the server or host of the network can take you to see Error Code 80070057 on your screen and create a huge problem. The following steps can help you to move out of the dilemma of resolving the issue and get back to you instantly.

Method 1- Using QuickBooks Database Server Manager

1. On the Server, open QuickBooks Database Server Manager and then rescan the folder of your company file.

2. Search QuickBooks Database Server Manager in the Windows taskbar and click Ok to open it.

3. Is the company file folder already listed? Click Add Folder or Choose Scan option.

4. Go to the folder location and select the folder

5. Click on Scan

How it would help?

When you would scan the entire company file on QuickBooks Desktop, it would reconfigure the QuickBooks File Sharing Permissions so that all QuickBooks Workstations can access them. Moreover, reporting the errors in Internet security settings and Firewalls for QuickBooks.

6. From the host computer open the file and then open it from the system that was displaying Error Code 80070057. Still unable to solve the error code? You need to talk to experts- 1-888-910-1619.

Method 2- Using Desktop Communication

1. Configure Bitdefender and then allow QuickBooks Desktop Communication

2. Go to Bitdefender 10.0 menu and then click on Antivirus

3. Select Exclude oath from Scan.

4. Click on New Item

5. Select the UNC path or mapped drive to get the location of the file.

You can also check the connectivity errors from both QuickBooks Workstation and QuickBooks Server Computer using QuickBooks File Doctor.

Method 3- Commencing From The Beginning

1. In the Company File Folder, upload a new copy of the Network Data configuration file

 2. Log out from all the users and close the software

3. Log in as Windows Administrator

4. Browse the Company File Folder

5. Find the .nd (Network Data) file linked to the file having problems

6. Either delete it or rename the Company file.

How it would help?

The Company File will automatically be created in both options. Also, the QuickBooks Network Data File will adopt the settings of a new network to check if it is accessible on the workstations.

Method 4- Checking the extension of Company File

1. Right-click on the Company File

2. Select Properties Tab

3. Choose QuickBooks Icon

4. Open QuickBooks and note if the extension of the Company File is .qbw.

5. Click Ok and close the window.

What Else You Can Try?

1. Download QuickBooks File Doctor and start using it to get rid of the Error Code 80070057.

2. Uninstall the accounting software and then reinstall it. Most of the problems get solved by implementing this simple trick.

3. Contact QBSSolved pro advisors. Taking risks is not possible all the time. Sometimes the situations are not under control and we can’t afford even a minute mistake. In those cases, contacting experts seem wisest decisions. is online customer support plus accounting solution provider where you can reach to solve any kind of finance-related query of QuickBooks. You can reach our certified QuickBooks Support team and decode all the error codes like a cakewalk. Their 15+ years of experience have made them capable of conveying the solution effectively even to a non-technical person. So, you don’t need to worry about the ‘hi-fi’ technical and sophisticated term while talking to our experts. They know how to handle the situation for you and bring back comfort. With their clear instructions, you would be able to open the file without any barriers and continue with your work smoothly.

Moreover, if you are a regular QuickBooks user, you might have also faced other errors too like Error code 15101 and 151215 and many more.


You can get solutions to all your problems under one roof. Not only instant help, but the technical support from QBSSolved will also let you get a permanent solution to stay away from these time-consuming errors. Just make a call to 1-888-910-1619 and get assistance from our support crew.