How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000,80 (Company File Issue)

When it comes to managing accounting tasks, QuickBooks is the most renowned software. QuickBooks has been used for years for efficient management of account and finance related tasks. But there are times when QuickBooks is retarded by certain errors. For instance QuickBooks error 6000, 80 that occurs when a user commands to open the company file.

What is QuickBooks error 6000, 80?

Well, QuickBooks error 6000, 80 is a runtime error that is quite  persistent and also, they can be quite annoying at times. To be precise QuickBooks error 6000, 80 appears while trying to access the company file. Further you might also see this error when you try to install QuickBooks and there are some related programs that are running in the background.

 QuickBooks error 6000, 80
Error NumberError 6000 80
Error NameQuickBooks Error code 6000 80
Description“Error 6000, 80: An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file.”
DeveloperIntuit Inc.
Applies toWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8

What are the causes of QuickBooks error 6000, 80?

  • Corruption in the data files. 
  • Data source might have been damaged while trying to open the data file. 
  • The Internet might be slow. 
  • Numerous  systems might act as hosts for QuickBooks data files.
  • QuickBooks software failed to communicate with the server. 
  • Company files are damaged.

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How to fix QuickBooks error 6000, 80?

Method 1: Closing the conflicting program.

  • Once you see run-time error, please keep it in mind that, it must be happening due to two or more conflicting programs. So, the first task is to stop the conflicting programs. You can do this by following these simple steps:
  • Click Ctrl+alt-Del at the same time and open your task manager and now you can see all the currently running program.
  • Now, go to the processes tabs and by highlighting program one by one, stop them by clicking the end button.
  • Make sure to observe that error message reoccurs each time you are stopping a process.
  • You may go ahead with the troubleshooting steps, once you identify which program is causing error.

Method 2: Updating/Re-installing conflicting program


  • Go to start button, then scroll down.
  • Click on more settings.
  • Click on control panel.
  • Then, uninstall the program.

Window -8:

  • Go to start button,
  • Again, scroll down.
  • Go to more settings and then on control panel.
  • Then, uninstall a program.


  • In search box, type Control panel.
  • And, click on the result.
  • Click Uninstall.
  • In programs and features, Click on problem program.
  • Click on update or uninstall.
  • If you select update, then follow the onscreen steps to complete the process.
  • If you have opted for uninstallation, then simply follow the prompt to uninstall. And, then reinstall the either by downloading or by using application’s disk.

Use other methods:

Window 7: Find the list of installed programs after clicking on start and scrolling mouse over the list on the tab. Go ahead and uninstall using the utilities.

Window8: Go to start menu and click on settings and then choose apps. In the list of apps, select the program which is resulting in the run-time error. And then uninstall or go to advances settings to reset it.

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Method 3: Updating Virus protection program and installing the latest windows update.

Virus infection may also cause run-time error on the computer. This must be immediately prevented. For this, you have to update your virus program and then run a thorough scan of your computer. You can also go for window update so that you get a latest virus definition and fix it. 

Method 4: Reinstalling run-time libraries.

You might get this because of updates from MS Visual C++ package which may not have been installed properly. For this, you have to uninstall this package and install a fresh one.

For un-installation,

  • Go to programs and features.
  • Find Microsoft Visual C++ package.
  • Click on uninstall and reboot your computer, Once, uninstallation is complete.
 Reinstalling run-time libraries

Method 5 Running Disk Clean-up.

  • Lower free-space on your computer can also lead to runtime error- 6000, 80.
  • Create back-up of your files and free some space on your hard drive.
  • Also, try cleaning your cache and then reboot the system.
  • Or you can run disk clean-up. For this, go to explorer window and then make a right click on the main directory.  Next, click on the properties and click on disk clean-up.
 Running Disk Clean-up

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Method 6: Reinstalling the Graphic Driver

If Error 6000,80 is related to bad graphics driver, then follow these steps:

  • Open device manager, and locate graphics driver.
  • Make a right click on the video card driver, and then uninstall it.
  • Next, restart your computer.
 Reinstalling the Graphic Driver

If you are getting this error which is related to Internet Explorer. Then,

Reset browser:

Window 7:

  • Go to start and select control panel.
  • From the left pane, click on Internet options
  • Then, go to Advanced tap and click on reset button.

Window 8 & 10:

  • Click on search bar.
  • Type in ‘Internet Options’.
  • Go to advanced settings and click on reset.
  • Disabling script debugging and error notifications.
  • In the internet options window, go to advanced tab.
  • Look for disable script debugging.
  • Click check mark on Radio button.
  • Also uncheck the ‘Display a notification about every script error’ at the same time.
  • Click on Apply and OK and then reboot your system.

Hopefully, all these basic troubleshooting helps you to resolve and fix Error 6000,80. But if you still face problem and are unable to solve the error. Don’t Panic! QBSsolved can help you in coming out  of this error and our tech team will resolve all your queries. You can reach out to us at – +1 (888) 910 1619.

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