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Quickbooks has helped millions of small and medium sized businesses to meet their goals by catalysing their accounting work. Although being a robust software, Quickbooks may encounter some errors. Quickbooks error 1311 is one of them. 

What is QuickBooks Error 1311

Quickbooks error 1311 is usually encountered when you update Quickbooks or while you try to export a report from some financial statement designer to Excel. Error 1311 pops up with a message “Source file not found. Check that file extension exists and is accessible to you”.

What are the causes for the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 1311

  • Corrupted MS office. 
  • Corruption in the CD from which you try to install. 
  • MS office version is not compatible. 
  • Problem in the CD-ROM drive. 

QuickBooks Error 1311 – how to Fix

Solution 1:

Copying files to the hard drive. 

  • Insert the CD into the CD-ROM and proceed to verify if installation starts. 
  • Click Quit if the installation starts itself. 
  • Open windows explorer and search for QuickBooks CD-ROM and make a right click on it. 
  • Click on Setup.exe and press ctrl on desktop and press file to copy the folder. 
  • In the new folder which is created, paste these copied files. 

Solution 2:

By checking compatibility of MS office. 

  • In the control panel of the system, make a double click on remove/add program
  • Choose the Microsoft office option to make the modification. 
  • The version should be 2000 or later. 

Solution 3:

By restricting Access to CD-ROM. 

  • Go to settings from the start menu and then to the control panel. 
  • Make a click on Administrative tools. 
  • From the list in administrative tools, select Local Security Policy and Expand Local Policy Folder. 
  • From here select the option of security.
  • Select the option of security ad per the version of windows – RESTRICT CD-ROM access to local users. 

Solution 4:

By performing scan and installation. 

  • Select All programs from the start menu. 
  • Make a right click on the command prompt. 
  • You need to select the option to run as admin. 
  • In this command prompt which you see, type FSC/SCANNOW.
  • Type msiexec/unregin after the scanning is completed. 
  • Again in the command prompt, you must type msiexec/regserver and then enter. 

Hopefully, QuickBooks error 1311 is now resolved!! If you need more help to resolve Error 1311, call QBS Solved at 1-888-910-1619

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