QuickBooks is the most widely used accounting software by small and medium sized businesses. But, sometimes it may happen that QuickBooks won’t work normally and may encounter errors. 

QuickBooks Error 1920:

At times you may see Error 1920 stating ‘QuickBooks Database manager service failed to start’. This is an update error. This usually happens when the QuickBooks Database manger is not able to access the hard drive on your desktop which it needs to create a connection to the company file. 

What can be the possible reasons for occurrence of the Error 1920?

  • There might be a malfunction in the operating system of the computer. 
  • QuickBooks installation may have failed. 
  • Window registry entries might be invalid.
  • Virus or malware may be affecting the system. 
  • System may have shut down improperly.
  • There might be power failure.
  • Some important files may have been deleted. 
  • Some of the registry entries may have deleted. 

How to Fix Error 1920?

Solution 1: By updating the windows.

  • If there is any security software which is installed in your system then you need to remove this software. 
  • You need to turn off the firewall if it ON.
  • While troubleshooting to fix this error, the multiple programs in the system should not be running.
  • If your software was previously working with the security, then please make sure that the security is up to date.

Solution 2: By changing the name of your QuickBooks desktop company file.

  • To change the name of your company file installation folder, you need to use window explorer. As this will help you in locating and renaming each folder location listed for the version which you are using. 
  • First of all you have to open the company files in the QuickBooks. 
  • To open the product description, you need to press the key F2. 
  • From the file information, you have to note down the location of your company file and then close this application. 
  • Now, you have to navigate to the location of the company file, so make a right click on the windows start button and open the file explorer.
  •  From the list, you need to select the file, make a right click on it and then rename it.

The folder loactions that needs to be renamed are:

C:\Program Data\Intuit

C:\Program Data\Common files\intuit


C:\Program files\intuit

C:\Program files\common files\intuit

Solution 3: Set up QuickBooks desktop to use the new company file. 

  • The very first step is to open the QuickBooks.
  • You need to now go to the file menu of QuickBooks and click on open or restore existing company.
  • Once the company file opens, click on next. 
  • You need to then select a new company file. 

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