QuickBooks is a highly popular accounting software that provides a complete package to make business handling easy. One can keep a track of the income and expenses and send unlimited invoices on the go. The benefits of using QuickBooks online also contain accessing your data online from a computer system situated far away. You can also download your transactions for a certain period from your bank and credit card accounts. All-in-all QuickBooks is a very comprehensive platform that can solve a huge number of business problems.

There is a ‘but’ associated with this awesome accounting tool. It encounters several issues during its functioning. We understand that bugs and errors can occur frequently in software but sometimes acknowledging them and dealing with them consumes a lot of time. Here, in QuickBooks, an extensive list of errors occurs, and out of them, Data Damage in Company File is a prominent one.

How To Identify Data Damage In Company File

Any sort of damage in the data of the file implies a corrupted QuickBooks Company File. You should have the proper knowledge to identify whether the problem is related to a corrupted file or due to any other reason. Take a look at some of the data damage points which you can analyze to get reach the right conclusion and take the next step accordingly.

  1. Missing transactions and entries from the list of ‘Lists’
  2. Sudden and abrupt shutting down of the computer system while saving the file
  3. Whenever there is an unbalanced balance sheet, faculty reports are generated.
  4. There is some file corruption when you are not able to continue accessing Verify Data Utility or Verify target due to some data issue related errors. All this happens when the values in the minor mismatch on the QBwin.log file or the screen.
  5. Invoices and paid bills are reflected as unpaid.
  6. Slow operation of QuickBooks. Regular tasks taking more time than usual.
  7. If account names are preceded by * (an asterisk) then there might be some corruption in the company file. QuickBooks created it due to the missing original accounts in the software.
  8. Negative balance in the Transaction History.
  9. HTML code in the window when you click on ‘Send Feedback Online’ and go to the ‘Bug Report window.

Why Data Damage Occur In QuickBooks?

Any error due to several causes and in QuickBooks, there are several reasons for the data damage in the Company File.

  1. The size of the data file in the accounting software has exceeded the general limit.
  2. Virtual memory, RAM, routes, network cables, network interface cards, and many more are lacking in the system.
  3. Trash in the hard drive due to sudden power surge or drop. The fluctuation can lead to certain problems when you don’t have any UPS.
  4. Improper shutdown of your computer due to many technical factors.
  5. Attack by malware and viruses on the database.

Effective Solutions For Corrupted Company File

Errors in accounting software can delay your business operations. They can consume a lot of your time and create unnecessary confusion. You can avoid the issue by following the below-written ways-

1. Limiting The Size of File:

Keeping the file size within the limit is an important part of using QuickBooks more effectively. It runs smoothly till the file size is 250 MB and when it reaches 500 MB it starts to slow down. The issue worsens when the file size reaches around 750 MB. You can use the ‘condense’ option to keep the file size in control.

2. Updating Patches:

Using the latest and highly updated patches are capable of solving the data damage problem. You can see the release number in the first line of the Product Information Window.

3. Regularly Monitoring The Database File Fragments: 

When a computer system fills up with data then there are high chances that file fragmentation occurs. In that data, cleaning is required. You can get back the smooth functioning of the software.

4. Checking The List Size:

If you are using QB Pro and Premier, then you need to take a look at the list limits. It is necessary to observe these things because there won’t be any warning signs. You need to keep a check if you have reached the upper limit. No, inactive list items are not counted here.

5. Creating A Backup:

In many cases, QuickBooks gives a data file backup option. But when working with Log File, the size is very uncertain. One can’t get an idea of the file size. Therefore, the performance starts to degrade increasing the corruption risk. Creating a backup regularly at least once a month is highly advisable.

6. Using A Hard-Wired Network:

Instead of using a wireless network, we recommend choosing a hard-wired network. It is because there are lesser risks in a wired connection. Also, the chances of dropping connections are very fair.

7. Verify Data In The Company File:

The following steps are to be performed on the location of the Company File. Take a look at the steps you can adopt to get the issue of Data Damage solved.

a. Log-in to the Company File as an Admin.

b. Use Single User Mode and then go to File

c. Click on Utilities and then on Verify Data

This step might be time-consuming as compared to others. So, don’t worry if you have to see it buffering.

d. Verify Utility would show a list of errors. All you have to do is click on Rebuild. Most of your problems will be solved then.

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