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A long day, massive projects, and deadlines on the head. It is one of the common scenarios in companies when the workload strikes. During that time, we want to complete the work quickly and submit it. And for that, we need all the resources to work properly. To manage finances and accounts, QuickBooks is mainly used. It is accounting software that eases the process of doing all the finance-related tasks. With that accounting software, you can create & send professional GST invoices, design & develop quotations, import transactions, include new features, and many more. The accounting software comes with many versions and features so that you can enjoy various advantages.

Manage your books anytime using multiple devices and caters to all needs of self-employed business owners.

If you are starting a new business, then you must use online accounting software. It is billing software that can manage company accounts in no time. But a problem and hurdle that needs to be addressed while using QuickBooks is the extensive lists of errors.

Yes, some errors strike the computer screen when you are working on it. QuickBooks errors pop on the screen while you are in the mid of some work.

We understand that it is hard to solve technical problems with such accounting software. Things can sometimes break, fixing errors become necessary. One such error is QuickBooks error code 1904.

Know More About QuickBooks Error Code 1904

QuickBooks error code is an error resulting from wrong file location or damaged component/file. It mainly occurs because of the inappropriate installation process of the software. QB error code 1904 is quite common, and it appears when users are trying to install QB files. All the files and folders which are needed to carry out proper functioning are to be maintained. But when they are not available instantly, there are also high chances of error. The error message is as bel0w-

“Failed to register file path/name/extension.”

Do you see multiple errors on display?

The multiple QB errors state qbprefs.dll, RcnFndRequestHandler.dll, ICWrapper.dll, and qbupdate.exe. If you are experiencing it, then the causes are Microsoft Visual C++ damaged component. Don’t worry at all; you can find the solution to all kinds of problems.

In this blog, you will come across causes, solutions, and other customer care services that would help you to solve the error in no time.

Possible Causes That Make QB Error Code 1904 Happen

  • Damaged and corrupted company files are the main reasons behind the error code 1904
  • File settings are incorrect
  • Several multiple issues such as qbupdate, dll, and many more make it hard to work smoothly on QuickBooks. The main reason being damaged, MS Visual C++
  • You may also receive the error while upgrading your operating system

(you can avoid encountering the issue by rebooting your computer system after upgrading it. It will help you not to face it).

Solutions To Solve QuickBooks Error Code 1904

The main reason for the occurrence of errors is while installing the QB desktop. So, it would help if you worked to solve the error as soon as you can. To troubleshoot the QB log on error 1904, execute the following steps.

Solution 1:

Running the QB Install Diagnostic Tool

  • When you see the error message, click on “Ignore.” Wait for the installation process to complete. But make sure you don’t open QB software.
  • Restart your computer system
  • In case your installation didn’t complete due to any reason, then the next step is to download the QB Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool and run it.
  • Reboot your computer system.
  • Activate the built-in Administrator if the tool doesn’t help you to solve the error. Then install QB software with an Administrator account.

If you are unable to get rid of the error, then stay tuned with us. We have a lot of solutions that you can implement. Some of them are as follows-

Solution 2:

Activating the hidden or built-in administrator

1. Activate the built-in administrator

  • Windows> type CMD> Right-click on cmd.exe.
  • Choose the Run As Administrator and enter “the net user administrator/active: yes.”
  • Press Enter

2. Switch to built-in Administrator Account

  • Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del and choose Switch User Windows 8 users
  • Hit Windows button
  • There is a user icon on the upper right corner of the display. Click on it.
  • Press Ctrl+ Alt+ Del in one go and choose “the default Admin account” button

Step 3: Hide the built-in Admin Account

  • Click on the Windows button and then type CMD in the search box
  • Right-click on CMD or cmd.exe.
  • Choose Run as administrator button
  • Type “net user administrator/active:no”
  • Press Enter

Step 4: Alter the installation directory security settings

  • Click on C drive and browse to Program Files and then go to Common Files.
  • Right-click on the Common Files folder and then click on the Properties tab
  • Click on Edit under the Security menu icon and then select Users that is present under Group or user names icon
  • Under the Permissions for users tab, allow the following permissions like reading, write, modify, read & execute, list folder contents.
  • Click on Apply and then press on Ok button

Step 5: Installing QuickBooks

  • Once again, install QuickBooks Desktop
  • Switch to the original user login

Special Cases:

Condition 1: Bitdefender

If you are using Bitdefender, then you come across under condition 1. When you install QB, Bitdefender is there; add C drive, Program Files, and Common Files (for 32-bit machines). If you are using a 64-bit machine, then carry out C:\Program Files\Intuit to the Bitdefender exclusion list.

Condition 2: Error With Adobe Flash Player Installation

Download and install QB Install Diagnostic Tool on your computer system

Uninstall Adobe Flash Player by using the following steps

  • Run> Windows + R simultaneously
  • Type in Control Panel and press OK
  • Choose Uninstall a Program> Adobe Flash PlayerActiveX> Uninstall
  • Follow all the instructions that lead to uninstallation
  • If you need it, then make sure you install and download the Adobe Flash Player from their official website

Condition 3: Error References QBversionTool.dll

Solution 1: Using QB Install Diagnostic Tool

Download and run QB Desktop Install Diagnostic Tool

Please reboot the computer and then reinstall it

Solution 2: Checking their permissions and using a hidden admin account

To verify the permissions, create a notepad file and then save it to the installation directory:

  • Run> Windows + R> type Notepad> Ok
  • In the notepad file, type QBTEST
  • Click on the Save As from the File menu
  • Saving the file to the installation directory, follow; 32-bit C:\ Program Files\Common Files and for 64-bit, C:\Program Files(x86) \Common Files

Tip: If the tips mentioned above are followed precisely, there are fewer chances to carry out the exceptional cases. If you are still getting the same error time and again, then contact We are a team of QuickBooks advisors who are handling the issues with expertise.

Additional Points To Keep In Mind
  • Are you working with the QB Database Manager? Then the above-written solutions might not produce the desired results for you. Then you have to install the actual exe.
  • When the installation is not run as in Admin mode, then the error occurs mainly in MS-Windows
  • Ensure to install exe before installing Avalara Avatax on the server
  • Yes, the last time you tried to install the connector on a server, that might be the reason for the occurrence of the error code 1904. The absence of the QB Exe file causes it.
  • Installation would take place successfully. Click Ok
  • Go to (File> AvaTax> Configuration) AvaTax Configuration and then select Test Connection option

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