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Accounting software QuickBooks is a magnificent software for creating and sending professional GST invoices. QuickBooks allows you to track your sales, create invoices and supplier bills etc. It also helps you in importing the transactions by using bank connect. To keep the software working smoothly, the new updates and features are continuously rolled out. Despite all these features, QuickBooks encounters several errors, which affect its working and does not let you use its features. One of the errors which QuickBooks usually encounters is QuickBooks Error code C=21.

What is QuickBooks error Code C=21?

QuickBooks error code C=21 is a C series error. Accordingly, QuickBooks error code C=21 indicates that a registry code can not be found. QuickBooks error C=21 occurs when you try to install or use an integrated QuickBooks PDF converter. This is a driver licensed by Intuit. This error is a part of a long series of similar errors which are related to printing to a PDF using the integrated driver.

Why does QuickBooks  Error code C=21 arise?

  • Missing registry code entry.
  • Corrupted QuickBooks PDF converter.
  • QuickBooks might not be updated.

How can QuickBooks error code C=21 be resolved?

Method 1: Re-installing the QuickBooks PDF converter. 

For installing the PDF converter again, you need to first delete the existing PDF converter. 

  • To delete the PDF converter, You have to login to the windows as Administrator and then you have to open the Printers and faxes. 
  • From the option of Printers and Faxes, you must  search for a QuickBooks PDF converter
  • Then after selecting this icon, you have to make a right click on it and select delete. 
  • And the PDF converter will now be deleted.

Now, for downloading the PDF converter, you have to follow these steps:

  • The very first step is to make a right click on the QuickBooks and then you have to choose the tab of ‘Properties’.
  • In the tab of properties, you need to select the option of ‘Find target’ , this will open the window explorer. 
  • Now, you have to make a double click on the ‘Install application’ or at the “exe”.
  • Once the installation is done, click on OK.
  • After this you have to go to the windows start option and then choose the “run” option. 
  • In this field you have to type Control panels
  • Go to the printers and faxes option.
  • This will open the ‘Printers and faxes’ tab. 
  • Next step is to right click on ‘Amyuni Document converter’ and go to the option of Rename. 
  • You have to then rename it as per the QuickBooks version which is installed in your PC and finally press Enter.

Method 2 : Using QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool. 

  • For fixing QuickBooks  error code  C=21, you have to download the QuickBooks print and PDF repair tool. 
  • Once downloaded, you need to install  QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tools by simply going to the list of downloads and selecting this item and following the onscreen steps to install it. Once the installation is complete,  you need to run this tool and this will find all the issues associated with the PDF converter and will fix them.
QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool

Method 3 : Updating QuickBooks. 

  • Open Quickbooks.
  • Reach to the help menu.
  • Next, click on Update Quickbooks.
  • Click on Reset updates followed by clicking  get updates
Updating Quickbooks

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