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QuickBooks accounting software has stupendous accounting features which elevates your business by helping you in your accounting and finance tasks. This software allows you to generate invoices, create company files, manage payroll services etc. But if the QuickBooks is facing some technical glitch or there is some error, then you might face certain difficulties in using QuickBooks. This article is about Error code C=32. This error results in incapability of reading QuickBooks transactions.

Some of the reasons that result in occurrence of Error code C=32 are:

  •  Some damage in the Data. 
  • QuickBooks attempting to navigate a written report or report like data. 

To fix this error, you can follow the below-mentioned methods:

Method 1:  Verifying and rebuilding the data.

  • For fixing error code C=32, you need to first verify Data, this can be done by going to the Utilities tab in the file menu of QuickBooks and there you have to click on the  ‘Verify data’ tab. 
  • Once this tool verifies your data for the possible issues, you have to reach back to the utilities tab again and choose the option of ‘Rebuild data’. 
  • When this process is complete, click OK and then restart your PC once. 

Method 2: Deleting the OCR-A fonts.

  • To delete the OCR-A fonts, you have to click on start.
  • Now, you have to reach to the control panel and there select the option of Fonts (fonts is a folder).
  • Now, just scroll down the list of fonts and check if the FONT is already installed or not. 
  • If you have to replace the font OCR-AFCS, then select this font from the list. 
  • After deleting each font, it is recommended that you press the F5 key to refresh the list of fonts.

Method 3:  Download the QB file doctor tool. 

  • To  fix this issue, you need to download the QuickBooks File doctor tool from the manufacturer’s website. 
  • Then install it from the list of downloads by following the on-screen process.
  • Once installed, run this tool and it will fix all the issues.

If you still have any issues, you can reach back to QBSsloved at +1(888) 910 1619 and our team of experts will assist you in fixing your issues. 

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