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QuickBooks file Doctor Error

It is a very painful situation sometimes to see that message when you are in the middle of something very important and urgent. The frustration levels are high. Imagine you are analysing your accounts and financial statements on QuickBooks. In this accounting software, all the details of your company are made in the Company File. Suddenly, you realized that you can’t open the Company File. It is natural to go nuts when the last date is on your head.

After searching on the internet, you come across a word QuickBooks file Doctor Error.

You go through all the instructions and learned how to use File Doctor in QuickBooks Desktop. It is a software to repair minor glitches that arise in QuickBooks. You get a sigh of relief after reading them.


Instead of solving your Company File problem, the QB File Doctor generates an internal error. This application sometimes is not able to fulfil the requirements and crashes itself in some error cases. If you have faced this problem at least once or you are struggling right now to get things in place, then this blog can help you. You would come across the required actions that can be taken to resolve QuickBooks File Doctor error. It is a software solution including features like training solutions, merchant services, marketing tools, product and supplies, and many more. It has been majorly designed for small and medium-sized businesses to manage sales, inventory, and other financial requirements more easily than traditional ways. Being one of the best accounting software, it hosts many nasty errors preventing users from using it smoothly.

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QuickBooks file Doctor Error Has Stopped Working

It is like when you visit the doctor and you come to know that the doctor itself is suffering from a disease. But nothing to worry about, our tips and tricks will help a doctor to heal and get back to its work. It takes care of all the data and diagnoses the files and repairs them. It looks after QB errors.

QuickBooks File Doctor = QuickBooks 2014 R4 + new versions

There are many causes why errors occur in the healer. It can stop working properly at any time leaving you in the middle of very important work. Whenever you see File Doctor Is Not Working, below are the following reasons for it-

  1. Updating the files
  2. Unsuccessful file restoration
  3. Accessing incorporated files
  4. Trying converting the old versions of Company Files over a network
  5. When you miss out on certain QB Files while installing
  6. Misplaced, damaged, and corrupted files

Method 1: Launching QB File Doctor Manually

  1. Launch the software, QB Files Doctor, and wait to get a ‘No Company Open’ message on the screen
  2. Go to Files> Utilities
  3. Click on Repair File and Network Problems.
  4. A dialog box will open. Click OK.
  5. Now, run QB Files Doctor as an Administrator. Click Yes in the dialog box.
  6. A wrench icon to open the File Doctor application will appear. You have to click on Continue.
  7. Enter your login credentials.
  8. From Advanced Settings, click on File Diagnosis Only
  9. Click on Next
  10. Open the file after refreshing and check the issues are resolved

Method 2:

a. Restoring Damaged Files Backup

  1. Launch QB
  2. Go to File> Open or Restore Company
  3. Click on Next
  4. Click on Local Backup> Next
  5. Go to the location of the file to be backed up in the ‘Look In’ menu
  6. Select the backup file that has the extension- .QBB and open it and click on Next.
  7. Save the file.

b. Auto Data Recovery Option

After Company File is created, QB Auto Data Recovery (ADR) will then examine and analyse it. When ADR ensures that the file is free from errors, it then makes a backup of the file in the ADR folder. The process has a cycle of 12 hours that means after every 12 hours ADR will backup the files.

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