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Technical advancement has taken a front seat in people’s lives these days and when we are highly dependent then, there are chances that we might face technical glitches and errors quite often. QuickBooks is a very user friendly software used by people nowadays to manage their accounting data. But there are a few errors that might arise, sometimes. QuickBooks error OL- 221, is one such common issue that you might face. This blog will discuss the causes, effects and solutions of the error. Let’s get deeper to find out.

What is QuickBooks Error OL-221? 

Error OL-221 in QuickBooks arises when someone tries to update their bank account in a QuickBooks application. Another name for the error is bank feed error. In QuickBooks one of the most common reasons for the error, OL221 is the common connectivity error. If you want to resolve the errors on your own, then you must address the potential reason that can trigger the technical glitch. Let’s see what are the primary causes leading to QuickBooks Error OL-221, followed by the solutions to troubleshoot them. 

What are the causes behind QuickBooks error OL-221? 

Well, there are a plethora of reasons that accentuate QuickBooks error OL-221, when you start updating your bank account in QuickBooks. Here is a list of the most common reasons, few of them are: 

  • Using an outdated version of QuickBooks or windows is a common reason behind most of the errors in QuickBooks 
  • Your bank account is inactive
  • QuickBooks company file is corrupted 
  • Issues with QuickBooks web connect can also lead to QuickBooks online error OL- 221 
  • Improper formatting of the imported file 
  • Using an outdated version of the QuickBooks application or Windows. 
  • Common internet connectivity  
  • If the bank server is under maintenance

Remember Before Troubleshooting the QuickBooks error OL 221? 

  • Keep a backup of your company file to prevent the loss of data. Open QB Desktop. Go to File > Back Up Company > Create Local Backup. Now follow the onscreen prompts to create a backup 
  • Update the latest version of your Internet browser  
  • Ensure that your QuickBooks is updated to the most advanced version. If it’s not then you need to update your QuickBooks desktop. Open desktop. Go to help, then click on update QuickBooks desktop. Once the update gets over, click on the close tab. 
Troubleshooting the QuickBooks error OL 221
  • Ensure no transactions are pending to be downloaded. 
  • Make sure the Internet connection is stable and the Firewall is not restricting any action between QuickBooks and the server. 
  • Ensure a smooth login and check for any pending alerts.

How to resolve QuickBooks error OL-221? 

Solution 1 Deactivate and Reactivate Bank feed

Here are the steps that you need to follow to deactivate your account  

  • Go to the list, then a chart of accounts. 
  • Now Right-click on the account causing QuickBooks error code OL-221 and click on Edit Account
  • Go to Bank Feed Settings
  • Click on Deactivate All Online Services
  • Click on  Save and Close

Follow the steps to reactivate the account

  • Go to the list, then a chart of accounts. 
  • Now Right-click on the account causing QuickBooks error code OL-221 and click on Edit Account
  • Go to Set Up Bank Feeds, and click on Yes to close all open QuickBooks windows.
  • Now enter your bank(s) name and click Continue
  • In the next window enter your bank Username and Password and click on Connect
  • QuickBooks might take some extra minutes to search the bank account, once it had successfully found it Link the account with the existing account.
  • Now, at the end click Next

Solution 2: Verify & Rebuild Data Utility 

QuickBooks has many significant features and its Verify & Rebuild Data Utility has the potential to find and rectify the data damage issues that can over time lead to QuickBooks Banking Error OL-221. For using the feature, for the below-mentioned steps attentively: 

  • Go to the File menu, and select utilities followed by verifying data. 
  • If you get a popup saying, “QuickBooks detected no problems with data,” it suggests that the data in the company file is intact and no corruption has taken place. 
  • If you receive a message stating, “Your data has lost integrity,” you must immediately run the Rebuild Data utility to rectify the damaged data. 
  • Now again, select utilities from File Menu and then rebuild data from the File menu, select Utilities, and then select Rebuild Data. 
  • Create a backup of your company file and run the Rebuild Data utility. 
  • Once the rebuild gets completed. You can hit OK to finish. 
  • If QuickBooks error OL-221 persists, move to the next solution.

Solution 3: Enable TSL 1.2 security protocol

  • Allow TSL 1.2 security protocol in your Internet browser by executing the following steps: 
  • Go to Internet Explorer and click the Gear icon to open Internet Options. 
  • Now go to the Security option. 
  • Further, uncheck the box for ‘Use TLS 1.0 option’. 
  •  The next step that should flow is to mark the checkbox for Use TLS 1.2 option. 
  • Finally, hit the ‘Apply’ tab and click Ok.  
  • Now, Restart Windows to check if QuickBooks error OL-221 is rectified or not. If it has not been fixed then try the next method of troubleshooting the issue. 

Solution 4: Ensure, If the Test Company File Can Download the Transactions 

The process will help you to get an idea if the company files causing the error code OL-221 or the problem is at the bank’s end. Follow these steps to create a test company file.   

  • Open QuickBooks, go to the File menu, select New Company and then Express Start. 
  • The second step is to add your bank account that was causing the error. 
  • Now, download the banking transactions to the new company file that was created for testing. 
  • After following these steps, if you can download the transactions, it can be concluded that the error is due to the company file. 
  • If you fail to download the transactions, it denotes that the bank server is under maintenance, and you must get connected with the bank QuickBooks error OL-221 can be resolved quickly. 

Hopefully, these methods are helpful in fixing the QuickBooks error OL-221 and if despite trying all these troubleshooting solutions, the issue continues to exist, then don’t panic. QBSsolved is always here to assist you with your queries. You can contact our team of experts a t+1(888) 910 1619  and they will be happy to assist you with your issues

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