Fix QuickBooks Error 3008 in Easy Steps (Updated Solution)

QuickBooks makes accounting and bookkeeping tasks very easy and managed efficiently. The features and functionalities of QuickBooks are easy to use and understand. However these features and functions  come hand in hand with some technical snags. QuickBooks error 3008 is one such error that you might see in QuickBooks. Most likely, the error comes up when QuickBooks requires a license certificate and the certificate is damaged. It is also classified as an invalid certificate error or certificate not trusted error. 

The Error 3008 in QuickBooks can also be seen when the QuickBooks files are corrupted or when the QuickBooks log files are missing. You can fix the QuickBooks error 3008 by the troubleshooting discussed here.

What triggers QuickBooks error 3008?

  • Unknown malware has infected the system. 
  • The QuickBooks license is ruptured. 
  • QuickBooks log files may be missing. 

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What are the ways to fix QuickBooks error 3008? 

Solution 1: Unchecking the use proxy 

  • To start with, you need to uncheck the use proxy from the Internet Explorer settings. 
Unchecking the use proxy
  • For this, you should go to the gear icon on the internet explorer window. 
  • Now, head to the internet options and then to the connections tab. 
  • Select LAN settings. 
  • Uncheck the use proxy option followed by default detect settings examined. 
  • Click OK. 
  • You should now open the QuickBooks sync manager. 
  • Select Proxy server option. 
  • If no malware is there, it will show the secured network. 

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Solution 2: Consulting IT professionals. 

If the it is not resolved by the steps mentioned above, then connect with the IT professionals that can help you to revive the system back.

Solution 3: Switch to third party apps

  • If none of the methods works, then  you can switch to the third party applications that can help you to deal with such issues. 
  • But it is always recommended to try fixing the QuickBooks error by the above-mentioned methods first. 

Here we come to an end to the article for fixing QuickBooks error 3008. If the it still bothers you, feel free to connect with the expert at QuickBooks Support QBS Solved at +1(888) 910 1619.

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