Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 12152 in Easy Steps

QuickBooks payroll is an advanced feature of QuickBooks that allows you to maintain the payroll services, generate invoices and perform several other tasks associated with the business. QuickBooks payroll services help in bookkeeping and financial management. Sometimes using these features of QuickBooks might be difficult due to certain errors like QuickBooks error 12512. These are the list of tasks that can be performed in QuickBooks payroll: 

  • Tracking Sales and Expenses
  • Accepting and making payments. 
  • Scanning receipts 
  • Preparing taxes

Some of the issues in QuickBooks might result in QuickBooks payroll error 12152 and this can impact the productivity of the QuickBooks. 

What is QuickBooks payroll update error 12152?

QuickBooks error 12152 comes up when there are some issues in the internet connection setups which makes connection of the servers with the software and results in the issue in updates of QuickBooks. Before moving ahead to fix QuickBooks error 12152, let us take a look at other things. 

What are the symptoms of QuickBooks payroll update error 12152?

  • Error 12152 might come up when QuickBooks crashes a dynamic window. 
  • The device might crash along with error 12152.
  • This error slows down the speed of the mouse.
  • Device might get freezed. 

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What are the causes of QuickBooks payroll update Error 12152? 

  • QuickBooks is not able to read license data.
  • AP keys of windows might not be working legally. 
  • Wrong or frizzled installation in QuickBooks software. 
  • Installation of some programs might leave invalid sections in your registry windows.
  • Infection or malware assault. 
  • Improper framework shutdown due to power cut. 
  • Deletion of improper framework document.
  • Inability of QuickBooks that affects to run all typical operations by a framework.

What are the ways to resolve QuickBooks payroll update error 12152?

Solution 1: Checking time and date settings

  • You should begin by checking the date and time of your system.
  • Right click on the clock. 
  • Adjust the date and time. 
Checking time and date settings
  • Restart the QuickBooks. 

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Solution 2: Checking internet settings

  • You need to verify all the internet connection settings that are there on your system. 
  • Run QuickBooks. 
  • Launch internet settings options. 
  • Move to advanced options. 
  • Select Advanced reset option. 

Solution 3: Scan for repairing error 12152. 

  • You should download the application. 
  • Start the app that is to be installed and launched on the system. 
  • If you still see the error, move to the option to scan and make the deviation as detected.. 
  • For resolving the QuickBooks payroll update error 12152, click on repair all. 

Solution 4: Restoring to an earlier point

  • Login as admin to the system. 
  • Move to the programs option from the start key. 
  • Reach the system tools from accessories. 
  • Now, select the system to restore.
  • Select restore my PC from the new window. 
  • Move to the option- Next heading.
  • Click on Restore the point. 
  • You should select the latest system to restore to that point.
  • Click NEXT.
Restoring to an earlier point

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Solution 5: Editing the Registry. 

  • Open the command, from the start key
  • Press Ctrl+Shift and press enter. 
  • Press yes on the permission dialogue box that you see. 
  • You will see a black box on the screen.
  • Here in type regedit and press enter.  
Editing the Registry
  • Select the error 12152, if you need to take the backup. 
  • Choose the option to export from the main file menu. 
  • You should select the folder where the IE backup keys need to be saved. 
  • You must enter a filename for the backup file.
  • You need to check that under the export range box, see selected branch is chosen by the user. 
  • You need to save the changes with the file extension – .reg file.

I am positive that the methods that are discussed above to fix QuickBooks payroll update error 12152 are helpful in resolving QuickBooks payroll update error 12152. If you still have any issues in resolving Error 12152, feel free to connect with QuickBooks Support QBS Solved at +1(888) 910 1619.

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