Fix QBDBMgrN Not Running on this Computer Error (Easy Steps)

While using QuickBooks in the multi-user mode, you might encounter QBDBMgrn not running on this computer. The QBDBMgrN function of QuickBooks allows multiple users to have access to the database and the company files that are stored on the host computer.  QBDBMgrN.exe is not running error in QuickBooks that comes up when QBDBMgrN service is disabled on the computer. Go through the blog till the end so that you can understand why QuickBooks database server manager stops and why does QBDBMgrN not running error come up.

What are the changes that come up when QuickBooks database server manager not running error comes up: 

  • You would not be able to access the multi-user mode.
  • You will be unable to access the company files that are present on the server computer.
  • Connected workstations with the servers would not be able to connect with the internet.
  • Firewall installation might not be regular. 
  • Firewall might prevent QuickBooks communication. 
  • QuickBooks database server might fail to update. 
  • QuickBooks database server manager might be installed improperly.
  • The QBDBMgrN  might keep crashing strikes up. 

What does the QBDBMgrN not run on this computer?

Let us see some of the main reasons that can result in this error. Primarily the cause for this error is when the windows firewall is not updated. While trying to update QuickBooks, it might have happened that there is an older version of the firewall that finds QBDBMgrN services as unknown services thus preventing QuickBooks from connecting to the internet. 

  • The firewall application which is setup may not be allowing the QBDBMgrN.exe program to run. 
  • QuickBooks DB error might have been encountered due to presence of Antivirus or 3rd party application. 
  • Some files including QBDBmgrn.exe may not be completely installed by QuickBooks Database server manager.
  • The QBCFMonitorService.exe file may be missing. 

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How do I resolve QBDBMgrn not running error?

This article will clearly assist you in getting rid of QBDBMgrn not running error. To  troubleshoot this error, carry out the steps mentioned below: 

Method 1: Updating the windows firewall. 

Settings of Outdated windows firewall program might stop your QuickBooks from accessing the internet. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that your windows firewall is updated so as to fix the QuickBooks database server manager not running error. The steps for this are: 

  • On the keyboard, type Windows+R followed by writing control firewall.cpl in the area. 
Updating the windows firewall
  • Open the windows firewall and reach the update your firewall settings section. 
  • Click on Check for updates 
  • Click on Update Now and then choose Use recommended settings. 
  • See if an update is available or not. 

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Method 2: Restarting the QuickBooks Database server Manager Service

  • If the QBDBMgrN error still exists then you should follow the method below:
  • Open the run box and this can be done by clicking Windows+R. 
  • Herein, type service.msc and press Enter. 
Restarting the QuickBooks Database server Manager Service
  • Scroll down to the services – QuickBooksDB26, QuickBooksDB28, QuickBooksDB29 and QuickBooksDB27. 
  • You need to make a right click on the exact service and click on restart tab. 
Restarting the QuickBooks Database server Manager Service step 2
  • Try updating the QuickBooks once you restart the QuickBooks database server manager. 

Method 3: Repairing QuickBooks Desktop

If the second method was not helpful in fixing the error, then  you should try to repair the QuickBooks. For this, begin with opening the run box.

  • In the window that you see, type appwiz.cpl. 
Repairing QuickBooks Desktop
  • Reach the QuickBooks program from the list. 
  • Double Click on QuickBooks. 
  • Proceed to choose the uninstall/change option.
quickbooks desktop
  • You will see a wizard window, and herein you should select the Repair option.
Method 3: Repairing QuickBooks Desktop

Method 4: Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop Application

  • Open the run box and then type appwiz.cpl in the box you see. 
  • Click OK and choose QuickBooks from the option you see. 
  • Choose the uninstall option.
Reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop Application
  • You should select the prompts to clean the QuickBooks company file
  • Reach the official Intuit website and then you can reinstall the QuickBooks, once you download it. 

Method 5: Verifying hosting settings on the user’s workstation

  • On the user’s workstation, open QuickBooks. 
  • Click File option and choose utilities. 
  • Choose the option- Stop hosting multi-user access. 
Verifying hosting settings on the user’s works
  • If the option that you see is- Host Multi-user access, then your settings are correct. 

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Method 6: Using QuickBooks File doctor tool 

  • You should download QuickBooks tool hub on the official website from the intuit website. 
  • You should open the download list and reach the QuickBookstoolhub.exe installation file and then follow the steps to install it. 
  • You should agree to the terms and conditions and this will complete the installation process. 
  • Open the tool hub from the desktop.
  • In the tool hub, you should hover to company file section and choose QuickBooks file doctor tool 
Method 6: Using QuickBooks File doctor tool 
  • You should choose the “Check Both file Damage and Network connectivity” option. 
  • And the QuickBooks file doctor tool will fix the glitches. 

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Method 7: Alteration in windows firewall settings

  • Open the Run window. 
  • Write Windows Firewall and  you will see a list of programs. 
  • Choose Firewall & Network Connection by double- clicking on it. 
  • From the tab of advanced settings, you should choose inbound rules. 
  • Click New Rule followed by excluding the exe file from the program paths. 

Method 8: Using Quick Fix My program

  • You can use Quick fix program to fix  QBDBMgrN error, for this 
  • You should reach the QuickBooks tool hub and  move to the program option. 
  • Choose the option of Quick fix my program. 
  • Choose QuickBooks and open the company file. 

Method 9: Using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.

  • QBDBMgrN error can also be resolved using QuickBooks install Diagnostic tool. 
  • You need to reach the QuickBooks tool hub. 
  • From the options here, you need to select Installation issues. 
  • Choose the option – QuickBooks install Diagnostic tool. 
  • The tool is specifically designed to fix the issues related to installation.
Using QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool
  •  Still QBDBMgrN is not running on the computer

Herein, we have tried to cover all the steps to fix BDBMgrN is not running on the computer. If you are still stuck on this multi-mode error, feel free to connect with the experts of QuickBooks Support QBS Solved at +1(888) 910 1619.

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