Best Way to Fix Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error In QuickBooks

QuickBooks accounting software allows you to create company files, it also helps you in creating invoices, maintaining records etc. It creates a list of all the items in it. For instance creating a customer ID. But when you enter the invalid customer ID number when you try to set up the account with online services like bank feeds, you might encounter “Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error: Verify online account information: Invalid Customer id number”.Qbwin.Log:Lvl_Error is contained in the log files of the QuickBooks. 

What is Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error?

Quickbooks being the finest accounting software, are also prone to some errors. For instance  QuickBooks QBWin.log error, which arrives with an error message and results in unexpected close down of the Quickbooks.  This error is more likely to occur when there is an invalid open balance or when there is an orphan payee found in an online cache. You can get in touch with our tech support team using our dedicated support line +1(888) 910 1619

Different types of Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error

  • Log: Orphan payee found in online cache.
  • Log: Verify Target:Invalid open balance
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify item history target quantity on order mismatch error.
  • LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify online account Information:Invalid Customer ID number>Record=XXX.
  • Log:Verify list.Duplicate name encountered.
  • LVL_SEVERE_ERROR-GetDecryptedCreditCardNumber Failed: the decryption has failed.CHECKPOINT:Failed to decrypt customer credit card number.Customer ID:nnn.
  • Log:LVL_ERROR-error:Verify Account List Item: View out of sequence
  • Log:LVL_ERROR-error:Verify Online Account Information:Invalid customer ID number.
  • LVL_ERROR-Error:Verify Item History:Build txn target bad pending state.item=nnnn.
  • LVL_ERROR-unable to decrypt social security number/social insurance number.
  • Log:LVL_ERROR-Error: Verify payroll item: Invalid tax authority.
  • Log:LVL_ERROR-Error:Verify item:Invalid tax agency. 

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What can be the causes of Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error?

  • Entering the wrong customer ID while setting up an online service account.
  • Incorrect online bank information in the QuickBooks. 
  • Item history order mismatch. 
  • Duplicate name in the list. 
  • Invalid tax agency. 
  • Older version of Quickbooks being used.

Important things to remember: 

  • Extra space, special characters. – in the Customer ID field can be the suspected causes of Qbwin.Log:Lvl_Error. 
  • Customer ID or PIN must be alphanumeric as per the policies of the bank. 
  • Your account might have been locked due to more than required unsuccessful login attempts. 

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Methods to get the QBwin.log:Lvl_Error fixed

Method 1: By rectifying the Customer ID on the account setup for online services. 

  • For this, you need to first select the option of Company in the quickBooks online.
  • Next step is to reach the tab of the  “Chart of Accounts”.
  • Here you have to check if your bank is enabled for online services or not. 
  • Make a right click on the bank account and click on the option of “edit Account’.
  • From here, you have to go to the ‘Settings’ for Bank feed.
  • Next, when you reach the settings tab, rectify the customer ID and close this tab.
  • Finally, you have to run the ‘similar data utility’ to make sure that the changes have been updated. 

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Method 2: By verifying the online bank information in QuickBooks abf the connect to bank. 

  • The very first step is to go to the ‘List menu’ and select tab of ‘Chart of Accounts’. 
  • When the error occurs, right click on Account which is associated with your online QuickBooks services like banking.
  • Now, reach to the Edit option. 
  • Next task is to move to Bank feed settings and ensure that the set up customer ID matches with the ‘Customer ID’.

Method 3: Restoring QuickBooks backup company. 

  • Open file menu from the Quickbooks
  • Then you need to click on the open/restore company. 
  • Choose to restore a backup copy
  • Click Next to move ahead. 
  • Check for the local backup.
  •  Click Next. 
  • Browse the backup in the .qbb format. 
  • Open file. 
  • You should save the file

Following these steps, you can easily fix Qbwin.Log: Lvl_ERROR Error. If you feel you are stuck somewhere, please call QBSsolved at +1(888) 910 1619 and our team of experts will be happy to help you. 

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