How can you fix this QuickBooks Error code C=43? - QBS Solved

QuickBooks is an accounting software which consists of all monetary details of your company files, staff of the company or the customer. If the QuickBooks face some errors then the system won’t allow you to work on the system. One such error is Error code C= 43. Occurrence  of this error restricts access to the data kept in its QBW file. Hence it becomes very important to mend across the error in order to keep the software system working. 

Causes of the QuickBooks Error code C=43?

  • The Error code C=43 would have occurred by the knowledge harm. 
  • QB may try to attempt to navigate the report or report like knowledge. 
  • This error may occur due to once 1099 and W2 forms(V6.OD R1[M=1477, L5203, C=43, V=2(2)] area unit written. 

There are various ways to fix this error C=43. Some of the ways to fix this error:

Method 1:Use the ‘Rebuild data’ QuickBooks In-built Function:

  • For fixing QuickBooks error code C=43, you have to rebuild the data from the ‘Rebuild data’ option in the Utilities present in the file menu option of QuickBooks. 
  • Once this process is done, you can continue to restart your system.

Method 2: Delete OCR-A fonts and then re-install the QuickBooks. 

  • You have to reach the Control panel from the Start menu. 
  • From here, you have to reach the ‘Fonts’ and then open the lists of fonts. 
  • From this list of Fonts and you have to select the fonts and then delete the fonts individually and you will have to refresh the list of fonts by pressing the F5. 

Method 3: Use a resulted-oriented Professional tool. 

  • You can usually fix this error by using the Professional Utility tool.
  • This is a third party QuickBooks repair tool which can fix this error and it is easy to use. 
  • Also, it is effective in fixing this severe corruption in the QBW file and when  the level of corruption in the QBW file is very high. 

Method 4: Install a digital Signature certificate. 

  • Go to the windows key of your Keyboard.
  • You have to type ‘QBW32.exe’ in the search bar and then press Enter. 
  • Now in the icon which appears, make a right click and then hover to the option of ‘Properties’. 
  • From here, you have to navigate to the Digital signature tab. 
  • Please ensure that ‘Intuit,Inc’ is selected in the signature list which appears. 
  • Now, reach to the Details tab and reach to the option of the ‘View certificate’.
  • Now, click on the install option of the Certificate. 
  • You have to click on all the positive prompts that appear on the screen and finally you have to click on finish. 
  • Finally you need to restart your system and then open the QuickBooks again.

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