You can perform all your accounting and financial tasks on QuickBooks. You can create invoices, generate bills, write checks etc. But QuickBooks may encounter few QuickBooks errors at times. C=147 is one of such errors. 

This error may be caused by:

  • Damaged data files.
  • Using outdated versions of QuickBooks.
  • Damaged company files.

You can fix this error by the following the below-mentioned methods:

Method 1: Using verify and rebuilding data.

  • First of all, reach to the file menu of QuickBooks. 
  • From here select the option of Utilities and hover to ‘Verify data’
  • This tool would find the issue that data files are encountering. 
  • Once this step is over, you have to reach back to utilities and this time you need to select ‘Rebuild data’. 
  • This will fix this error. 

Method 2: Creating backup

  • So, to fix it,  the first step is to reach the File menu. 
  • From here select the option of ‘Backup company’.
  • And then reach to the option of Create local backup. 
  • Now from the Create backup window, you have to select the local backup option and then you have to click on the Options button. 
  • In the option window which pops up, you need  to make a  click on browse and then choose the location for the backup copy. 
  • Finally, click OK.

Method 3 : using file doctor tool

  •  First you need to download the QuickBooks file doctor tool. 
  • Then you need to install this, by selecting this icon from the Downloads list and then follow the onscreen steps. 
  • Now, you need to run the QB file doctor tool. 

Method 4: Updating the QuickBooks 

  • You have to reach to the Help menu in the QuickBooks and then make a click on ‘Update QuickBooks’.
  • Now, you have to click on ‘Update QuickBooks’. 
  • From the list of updates, select the update options you wish to download and then click on Get updates. 
  • Finally close the QuickBooks once and restart your computer once. 

Perhaps, these troubleshooting steps have fixed Error C=147.
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