QuickBooks help you to track your sales, generate and send invoices. It also helps you to find how your business is doing at any time. It allows you to get a real-time view of your cash-flow. QuickBooks is a one stop solution for all the accounting works. But, at times QuickBooks encounters errors. QuickBooks Error 15215 is one of them that comes up when the QuickBooks is not able to verify digital signature.

What is QuickBooks error 15215?

QuickBooks error 15215 generally appears when the user tries to download payroll updates. It can also occur when the server fails to respond to your system. When this error happens, it creates a restriction to the access to the server as a result there is no response from the server. To avoid this error 15215, it is required that you keep on updating your QuickBooks after a regular interval of time.

QuickBooks error 15215

What are the causes of QuickBooks error 15215?

  • QuickBooks desktop is not properly installed.
  • QuickBooks payroll files got corrupted due to malware.
  • Malware or virus corrupted the window system.
  • Some QuickBooks files were deleted by mistake.
  • Incorrect configuration of the MS internet explorer.
  • There is some other file running in the background, while the QuickBooks is getting updated. This interferes with the updating.

What are the symptoms of QuickBooks error 15215?

  • When Error 51215 occurs, all the active windows programs and applications crash.
  • When the same programs are opened simultaneously, the system gets corrupted.
  • A message stating “Error 15215: unable to verify digital signature” is displayed on the screen. 
  • Windows performance becomes sluggish.
  • System begins to freeze in a regular span.
  • Windows begins to perform slowly. 

How can we fix QuickBooks error 15215?

Method1: Rebooting System.

  • First, we need to restart the computer. It will result in shut-down of the application that protects the QuickBooks payroll force.
  • So, you need to restart the desktop  and make sure that no program is running on the system. 
Rebooting System

Method 2: Running QuickBooks as a windows administrator.

  • Running QB as windows administrator would enable QuickBooks application to take authority over required windows applications. It will also allow QuickBooks to use necessary resources in order to run properly. 
  • First, make sure that your QuickBooks application is closed.
  • Click on the Desktop from the libraries. 
  • Select the option of ‘run as Administrator’.
  • Choose yes in the dialog box that appears.
Running QuickBooks as a windows administrator

Method 3: Checking internet options of the windows internet explorer.

  • First, you need to close the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Then, go to the internet explorer browser.
  • Go to the tools icon in the internet option tab.
  • In this, go to the advanced tab.
  • In advanced settings, select Use TLS 1.0, UseTLS1.1 and Use TLS1.2.
  • Next, make sure that use TLS1.0 is selected and TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 are de-selected.
  • Then, click on OK.
  • Reboot your system and open QuickBooks once the system starts.
  • Finally, try downloading the QuickBooks update again.

Method 4: Restarting the windows in the selective start-up mode.

Please check whether  the programs which are running are not conflicting with the QuickBooks. Since, this error also rises when two programs are conflicting with each other.

To do so:

  • First go to RUN in the windows. 
  • Go to the start icon, and then go to ‘All programs’.
  • Reach to the Accessories tab and then click on the ‘Run’ tab.
  • Type in ‘misconfig’ and then click OK. 
  • Now, open the ‘system configuration utility’ in the windows.
  • Select ‘selective start-up’ from the current page. 
  • Now click on OK to save the changes.
  • Now reopen the QuickBooks, after restarting your system.
  • Choose the ‘Normal set-up’ tab when the QuickBooks is downloaded.
  • Click on OK.
Restarting windows in the selective startup

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