In QuickBooks you can create invoices, maintain records, create company files. You can also take prints of your records, of the invoices and reports. But, sometime while trying to take the print, you suddenly see an error message “‘Printer not Activated’, Error code 20”. Your system shows this error when you try to print PDF documents through QuickBooks software or you try to print the Payslip etc. 

  • Once you make sure that all the points to be kept in mind have been checked. After that, you can use any of the below-mentioned methods to fix this error.
  • Solution 1: Reinstallation of QuickBooks
  • For doing this reach to the control panel.
  • Then click on the programs and features.
  • Find QuickBooks and select the option of uninstalling it. 
  • Now, download the latest version of QuickBooks.
  • Open the downloads folder and install QuickBooks in your system. 
  • Now, you have to restart the system, for the changes to take place.

Method 2: Updating the registry key manually

The Database of Window registry contains important information about configuration of your operating system. 

Way 1:To go to the windows registry editor, open the “Run box” and then type regedit in the dialogue box and then select the option of run as administrator.

  • Before making changes to the registry, make sure to backup your data, so as to avoid any loss to the data  while making changes to the registry.
  • On the same screen, select file and then select the option of export from the menu.
  • Make sure to name the backup file. 
  • In the dialog box, Select the export range.
  • Select all the options and then click on Save.
  • Next task is to make a right click on the software table and then select the option of ‘permission’. 
  • Make sure if you have full control of the table.
  • Close the window after clicking on OK and also close the registry editor.

Way 2: Go to start and then type cmd in the text field.

After selecting cmd, choose ‘Run as an administrator’.

In the command prompt, type “powershell”.

Press Enter.

Now next task is to copy and paste the given code in the text field:



Method 3: Configuration of Print Spooler service

  • Press the Windows +R key on your keyboard together.
  • In the Run box, type ‘MSC’.
  • From the services list. make a right click on the ‘print spooler service’. 
  • Now you have to select the properties and then you have to click on the stop print spooler service.
  • Next, you have to choose the Automatic option.
  • Next make a click on ‘Start service again’.
  • Try printing something!

Method 4: fix Microsoft document writer windows component

  • Microsoft document writer helps in printing files and it is a pre-installed windows component. 
  • It helps QuickBooks to save information in pdf. The steps to fix Microsoft document writer windows components are:
  • Click on QuickBooks and then select the option of ‘open file location’.
  • Hover down to the  ‘Temp folder’ option. 
  • Then find the ‘exe file’ and make a double click on it.
  • Complete the installation process. 
  • Next step is to open QuickBooks to register for the license.
  • If you face issues in installing ‘ABS PDF driver’ or it does not respond, then try to install it again.
  • Now you can try to print and verify that QuickBooks error code 20 is fixed. 

Method 5: Stopping UAC from monitoring application on windows

  • First, press Windows+R at the same time and in the run window type Control panel.
  • Next, click OK and then click on User accounts in the Control panel window. 
  • Then you have to select the ‘change user access control settings’ and then click on Never to notify’ tab. 
  • Finally, click on Ok and just reboot your system. 

Hopefully, you find this article helpful in resolving error 20 and now you can successfully print using QuickBooks. In case you are still facing any issue, you can call QBSsolved at +1(888) 910 1619 and our team of experts will help you to resolve all your issues!!

QuickBooks error 20-printer not activated, can occur anytime you try to get a print from QuickBooks software. The most prominent reason for occurence of this error is updating of windows 7 or 10.  Since, this error  does not allow you to print invoices or payslip, it further increases the inconvenience of the business owners. 

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 20- Printer not activated error?

  • There may be registry errors in QuickBooks.
  • The QuickBooks version you are using is not compatible with your system.
  • Application key is not updated.
  • QuickBooks is not supporting the printer or driver.
  • QuickBooks is not properly installed. 

Things that should be kept in mind before fixing this error.

  • Check for the version of QuickBooks you are using.
  • Check if your QuickBooks is updated to the latest update release.
  • Check if there are two different versions of QuickBooks installed in your system.
  • You should be logged in as administrator while fixing this issue. 
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