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QuickBooks allows you to carry many tasks smoothly which are related to your business. For instance, it allows you to make company files, generate invoices, make payments etc. Making payments requires a transaction to be generated. But sometimes these transaction records are damaged. This is where QuickBooks Error code C=44 occurs. This error occurs when QuickBooks try to make some changes in the damaged transaction record.  This error usually happens due to system lockup or power failure while QuickBooks is benign used. 

Some of the causes for the occurrence of Error C=44 are:

  • Damaged Transaction records. 
  • There is a security failure. 
  • .QBW files are damaged. 
  • Various transactions are being accessed at the same time. 

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error C=44:

 You receive a destructive error C=44 when you try to change a damaged transaction record.  There may be a system lockup. 

Note** – QuickBooks must be upgraded to the latest version before proceeding forward to fix this error. 

To fix this error, you can follow the below given methods:

Method 1: Verifying and rebuilding data

  •  You need to first click on the window menu in the QuickBooks and then select the option of Close All.
  •  Now, in the file menu you need to select the ‘Utilities’. 
  • From here, select the option of ‘Verify data’. 
  • When you see the message ‘Your data has lost integrity’, then reach back to the file menu and again select the option of Utilities. 
  • Now, you have to select the option of ‘Rebuild data’ in order to complete the process. 
  • Once this process is completed, you have to again open the ‘Verify’ utility to check if all the problems are now clear. 

Method 2: Running file doctor tool. 

  • To fix this error, you can also try the file doctor tool as this tool finds the errors and fix them. 
  • You will have to first download the  QuickBooks file doctor tool. 
  • Finish its installation by going to the downloads lists and following the online steps.
  • Further, run this tool and it will fix all the issues. 

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