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QuickBooks accounting software is the most famous accounting software which is highly preferred and recommended by businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. Its amazing features help its users in their accounting and finance tasks, thus making their work more convenient. However, at times QuickBooks come up with few technical glitches and errors. This article discusses QuickBooks error C=51.

What is QuickBooks error C=51?

QuickBooks error C=51 is quite an annoying error that comes up due to some technical snags in QuickBooks.  Occurrence of QuickBooks error C=51 shows that QuickBooks software is not able to locate the TxList. The QuickBooks error C=51 is likely to come up at the time when you try to delete the txList from the list and you are not able to locate it. 

Why does QuickBooks error C=51 occur?

Some of the main reasons for the occurrence of the QuickBooks error C=51 are: 

  • Well, this error appears on the screen with the notification “QuickBooks is not able to find TxList.file”.
  • This error may also happen when you try to get rid of the txList from the txLists list, but QuickBooks is not able to find it.  
  • It might also occur when you try to remove a transaction file from any report. 

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What are the symptoms of the QuickBooks  Error C=51?

Here are some of the symptoms that can help you to recognize the occurrence of the QuickBooks error C=51: 

  •  QuickBooks may stop functioning. 
  •  Occurrence of this error can lead to deletion of some important  data files. 

Before proceeding to fix this error, you must require these file:

  • Corrupted QuickBooks data file (.qbw).
  • The transaction log file (.TLG in the same folder of .Qbw file).
  • Old backup of QB data files. 

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How can QuickBooks Error C=51 be fixed?

You can fix Error C=51 by the following methods:

Solution 1: Repairing the data files using rebuild data.

  • You are first required to close the QuickBooks.
  • With in QuickBooks, close all the windows. 
  • Now, open the QuickBooks again and reach to the file menu.
  • In this, select the option of Utilities and go to the verify data tab. 
  • This tool will now look into the issues with the data file.
  • Once this step is over, go back to utilities and open Rebuild data option 
  • Click OK, and this will fix the error.
Repairing the data files using rebuild data

Solution 2: Using QuickBooks latest release version

  • To fix this error, you will have to update your QuickBooks to the latest releases. 
  • Go to the  QuickBooks and in the file menu, go to the updates option. 
  • See if there are some updates available and download the same. 
Using QuickBooks latest release version

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Solution 3: Restoring the Backup. 

  • You can create the backup of the file by going to the file.
  • You have to select the file and press Ctrl+C. 
Using QuickBooks file Doctor tool.
  • Go to the location where you find to save it and click Ctrl+V. 
  • This will save your file to the new location. 
  • You need to check with the file size which should not be less than 6MB.
  • For this, select the file you have saved and make a right click on it.
  • Go to the ‘Properties’ option, here you can check the size of the file. 

Solution 4: Using QuickBooks file Doctor tool.

  •  It is required that you download the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • From the downloads list, select this and install with the help of onscreen steps.
  •  Once installed, run this tool. 
  • This tool will find the issues with the file and fix it.

Solution 5: Closing QuickBooks related processes

  • To begin, close all QuickBooks related windows. 
  • You can use the task manager to shut down all the QuickBooks related files. 
  • You need to reopen the QuickBooks and then carry out where the error occurred. 
  • You can rebuild the data in the proper format. 
Closing QuickBooks related processes

Solution 6: Check Network Connectivity

  •  Sometimes, these errors can come up due to network connectivity issues. So it is required to check the internet connection. This might occur while the system is downloading the processes. 
  • You need to prevent the transactions from getting it downloaded. 

Solution 7: Access the lost or deleted transaction. 

  • For accessing the deleted or lost transactions: 
  • You are required to open the reports menu. 
  • Select the accountant and taxes and there you have to click on the Audit trail. 
  • You need to then restore the transaction that can be lost as a consequence of a technical glitch. 
Access the lost or deleted transaction

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